Caregiving is a demanding job, but you don’t have to do it completely alone. There is a variety of equipment available to help make taking care of your loved one easier. Here are a few pieces of equipment that are must-haves for Alzheimer’s caregivers:

  • Pill dispenser – During the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s, your loved one may still be able to remember to take their medication, but that doesn’t stop you from making worried visits each morning and night to double check. An automatic pill dispenser will ensure your loved one takes their medication on time each day, and reduces the risk of an overdose. Keep in mind that as the disease progresses, it will be best for you to handle all medication.
  • Sensors – If your loved is still able to live independently, investing in sensors and smart products will ease your mind. There are sensors that can alert you when your loved one leaves the home, and motion sensors that can help you keep track of eating habits and sleep schedules. You might also find it beneficial to install smart locks so that it is quick and easy for you to make sure your loved one remembers to lock the door each night or when they leave out during the day.
  • Physical aids – There will come a period of time when you will have to help your loved one with more difficult tasks such as bathing, using the bathroom, or simple getting up and down. Equipment such as stand aids, hoists, slings, and lifts will reduce the physical toll on both you and your loved one.
  • Location devices – Alzheimer’s affects your loved one’s memory, making familiar places suddenly unfamiliar, which can lead to wandering. Using a GPS-tracking device such as a bracelet, necklace, or shoe sole insert can ensure that your loved one can be found quickly and safely.

Taking care of a loved one with Alzheimer’s is difficult at times, but there are tools to make the job a little bit easier. These tools, along with a support network, create a safe, positive, and loving environment for your loved one.

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