Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia often becomes a full-time job for family members. While you want to be a great primary caregiver, you also need to attend appointments for yourself, go to the grocery store, and handle other household chores. Securing outside help is an important way for caregivers to get the breaks they need to carry on their own lives while caring for an Alzheimer’s patient. Here are a few suggestions on types of outside help that will make providing care to your loved one with Alzheimer’s little more manageable.

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Taking care of the changing needs and behaviors of a person with Alzheimer’s is difficult, and it is quite possible for you to get burnt out. If you find that you are experiencing any of these symptoms, such as stress, anxiety, exhaustion, sleeplessness, or irritability, it is important that you not only talk with your doctor, but start practicing self-care. The following are great ways to de-stress:

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